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Thank You Water

We owe more to the water than ever before. From our rivers’ bed we draw life, on their shores we find endless peace. Water provides security when a hand wash can be more important than anything, and also joyful minutes when we dive in the waves. From rivers and floodplains teeming birds with fish to food and drinking water that gets on our table, water affects every little moment of life.

And now it's time to thank water for all this... but instead of words, by paying more attention to it.

Because it gives us everything. Yet our rivers and the wetlands surrouding them had never been so endangered.

Join WWF on a special journey and discover the wetlands surrounding the River Danube like never before! Be part of the change!

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In the last 150 years, 80% of the floodplains of the Danube and its tributaries have been lost. Together, however, we can improve this situation! Stay with us and explore the Danube and the world of surrounding floodplains, marshes and backwaters on an interactive journey using Google Earth!

Get on water!

1st chapter - Hungary 2nd chapter - Bulgaria 3rd chapter - Romania
Water view

That's how we help

Since 2014, together with the water and nature protection institutions, as well as our local partners, we have started the restoration of the river sections and floodplains along the Danube on several important areas. After the implementation of the projects, our goal is to increase the river capacity by the equivalent of 4,800 Olympic sized swimming pools and to restore over 7,422 football pitches worth of wetland habitat.

The area of Lake Neusiedl

With water-retaining structures, we raised the water levels of several desiccating saline lakes, thus preserving the flora and birds of the area, which are accustomed to the special saltwater environment.

The Old Drava oxbow

The drastically reduced water level was raised with a water-retaining structure on the Croatian-Hungarian border, improving the condition of the habitat on the longest former Hungarian sidearm of the Drava.

The Lankóc forest

With water retention we help the floodplain forest get enough water.

The sidearms of the Drava

We open six tributaries and reconnect them to the river, restoring the natural balance - both in the riverbed and on the shore.

Siroki Rit

By strengthening the capacity of the water supply canal and creating an open water surface, we have achieved to improve the ecological status of the wetland.

Gârla Mare and Vrata large floodplains

We are strengthening dams, restoring a water replacement canal and creating open water surfaces so that the more than 700 hectares of area can once again become the realm of water.

Persina, the island of pelicans

By modernizing the floodgates regulating the water supply and building an up-to-date monitoring system of the water level, we have achieved that the Dalmatian pelicans which have become rare in Europe, are moving back to the prison island.

Fish ladder on Ruszenszki Lom

Fish stairs were built on some tributaries of the Danube, and two smaller dams were demolished as well, so they do not impede the natural movement of fish.

Vast marshland of the Kalimok

We have optimized the water supply of the marshland so that the area previously separated from the Danube may be better connected to the river.

Show your gratitude!

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Protect the water!

If you want to do more, consider the following tips:

save water Don't waste water: treat it wisely at home and abroad!
use rain-water Water with the collected rainwater, strive to improve the microclimate of your garden!
use rain-water Eat less meat - you wouldn't think how much water it costs to produce.
use rain-water Collect selectively so all the plastic may get recycled!
use rain-water And stand up to save the waters and waterfronts of your home.