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In the Shadow of War

The last year was dominated by the war in Ukraine, with its far-reaching consequences for people as well as the environment and nature. Despite the cascade of bad news, there were also very bright spots, including the spirit of Ukrainians and the incredible solidarity shown by so many people around the world. The removal of a splash dam in the Ukrainian Carpathians and the continuation of much of our conservation work was proof that conservation can continue even in the middle of a war. And the report that we developed with the Boston Consulting Group underlined the opportunity and necessity for building back better, sustainable as well as climate- and nature-positive. Those were signs of hope important not only for Ukraine but also for our extensive work in other countries of Central and Southeastern Europe that is outlined on the following pages.

Sasha Bezuhanova
Chairperson, WWF-CEE

Andreas Beckmann
Regional CEO, WWF-CEE

Get to know the stories of the Green Heart of Europe

Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it a form.
- Jean Luc Godard

To know it is to love it. That’s the Green Heart of Europe, that beats within the nature of the central and eastern part of the continent. It’s one of the most spectacular biodiversity hotspots in Europe with significant importance for global conservation. From the Danube basin to the Carpathian Mountains the wilderness areas include some of the largest remaining virgin and natural forests. They are home to 2/3 of the European populations of bears, lynx, and wolves. The region boasts most of Europe’s last remaining intact rivers and wetlands. The Danube shelters the sturgeons that survived the end of the dinosaurs but now teeter on the edge of extinction.

We invite you to dive deep into our latest collection of stories from the Green Heart of Europe and learn more about the pulse of nature in this part of the world. WWF-CEE annual review will take you through a piece of our shared journey to a nature-positive future for our region and beyond.

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