WWF Slovakia

WWF in Slovakia contributes to the mission of WWF Central and Eastern Europe (former WWF DCP) since March 2014.

Our aim is to respond to environmental problems, offer solutions and fulfill the vision of prosperity, sustainability and protection of natural values of the Green Heart of Europe.

Our activities focus on the support of effective care for the protection of areas, river basins, and long-term sustainable use of natural resources, e.g. sound forest and agricultural management.

We provide professional activities, contribute to the popularization and education in the field of nature protection, we cooperate with expert institutions, state administration bodies, non-governmental organizations and the public.

We strive to maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats that the market economy brings to the natural environment by seeking long-term solutions. We consider tackling climate change to be the biggest challenge in the world today. 

Principles of our work

  • We strive to make our work personal, professional, trustworthy, responsible, efficient, innovative and creative.
  • We use scientifically validated information and strive for its critical evaluation.
  • We build on cooperation and dialogue, but we can be relentless if necessary.
  • We respect local communities and their needs and help them set environmental priorities.
  • We want to learn, improve and build on partnerships. We are global, multi-cultural, non-partisan and independent.
  • And above all, we want to offer solutions.