Lynx with a collar: WWF-Ukraine started telemetric studies of a rare cat

Posted on 28 Feb 2023
Experts from WWF-Ukraine and Rivne Nature Reserve caught and collared a male lynx with a telemetric collar and GPS-GSM transmitter. Now they can monitor and watch the life of the rare carnivore in Polissya almost constantly online.

Borys' (animal's name Borys' in harmony with the Ukrainian phrases "because lynx" and "fight") is a mature, healthy male weighing 22 kg. As long as its collar works properly, scientists will be able to receive and analyse information on the ecology of the species:

  • migration routes
  • diet
  • seasonal and daily activity
  • the length of the daily course
  • sizes of individual territories
  • the breeding area of the lynx (including the places where the kittens appears and grows)
  • the dwelling of the species
  • influence on hunting fauna and more

Telemetric studies use tools that capture different parameters, such as the localization of individuals (specific places of stay). The information obtained is transmitted to the remote server to which scientists have access. Such a collar that wears a fight can work for 1-2 years, depending on natural conditions and modes of operation. Then it will disappear on its own. The Polish company "Ecotone Telemetry" develops the collar, considering the species' biological and behavioural characteristics and not interfering with the animal's life.

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"Telemetric collar is new in the study of lynx, a technological tool that our partners will use in their work with other methods - accounting traces, monitoring with photo traps and more. Scientists will use the information obtained to deepen the knowledge about the ecology of the species, to develop effective management plans and conservation measures for different territories," - said Roman Cherepanyn, expert with WWF-Ukraine, manager of the project "cohabitation for the sake of preservation".

It is the first time similar complex lynx studies using GPS-GSM transmitters in Ukrainian Polissya. Ukrainian experts guided by the advanced European experience (The Kora Foundation, IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group) and methodologies; cooperated with professional zoologists, veterinary support and more. The works agreed upon by the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources of Ukraine under the relevant permits.

All works were carried out within the framework of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine of the Lynx National Action Plan and the "Coexistence and Conservation" project. Financing of works - WWF-Polska, expert support and training for partners conducted NGO "Diana - Carpathian Wildlife Research" (Slovakia). The administration of the Rivne Nature Reserve and employees of the Karasin Nature Conservation Research Department facilitated the implementation of the project.



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