Monitoring the enforcement of timber tracking rules

A tool to determine the evolution of modus operandi and the risk factors related to illegal logging

WWF-Romania launched a report on monitoring the enforcement of timber tracking rules in May 2022 as a means to convince decision makers and key stakeholders in the forest business of the relevance of the WWF vision on combating illegal logging. As a result, the Romanian National Forest Strategy for 2030 is now reflecting the principles that WWF has been promoting already for years. 

Purpose of the report

  • Increase of the institutional capacity to prevent and combat illegal timber harvesting and related trade by developing a tool to monitor and evaluate the level of law enforcement on wood tracking rules,  focused on timber’s important role on the market 
  • Propose the first instrument that is technically grounded,  using statistical estimations of the conclusions drawn from field analysis

The recommendations can be used as an instrument to:

  • Support development of an updated analysis of the risk factors
  • Determine the modus operandi of how illegal timber is being placed on the market
  • Evaluate the performance / efficiency of the present system to fight illegal logging

 … leading to better monitoring through:

  • The most appropriate technical solutions to constantly improve the legal framework, targeting simplicity, transparency, and efficiency 
  • The proper development of the wood tracking system SUMAL
  • Appropriate Due Diligence Systems implementation established by operators
  • An appropriate review of the control plans and procedures, using a risk-based approach 

Modern technical solutions that allow swift volume check need to be developed © Radu Vlad / WWF Romania and Stefan Balea


The fight against illegal logging can sustainably take place only through an integrated approach towards the causes that generate it. WWF claims the need for a real reform of the entire system for combating illegal logging, as well as the development and promotion of some innovative tools based on simplicity - transparency - efficiency.


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Old-Growth Forest

Old-Growth Forest

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Logging in Romanian forests

Logging in Romanian forests

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Deforestation in Romania

Deforestation in Romania

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