Romania’s fight against illegal logging: Worst-case scenario happened

The Romanian Forests lost a decisive battle last month.

Romanian authorities published now the draft of the National Strategic Plan (PNS) which sets the pattern for Romanian forests for the next decade. In its current form, the PNS ignores forests almost completely and allocates to them only EUR 160 million, which is 10 times less than necessary, thus proving Romania’s tacit consent to illegal logging activities.

In a press release in December 2021 WWF has already been warning about this danger. Activities included launching a petition, writing letters to the Romanian President, to the Prime Minister and participating in an audience at the Ministry of Environment. All WWF requests were met with indifference. 

As a loud cry for the authorities’ support, WWF organized “The Marathon of Indifference”, where the Romanian ultra-marathon runner Andrei Rosu ran in a demonstrative race in Bucharest, among key political institutions. WWF also released a video - The Forests of Indifference -  with forest owners’ testimonials, explaining the dangers of the planned strategies and asking for help.  Romania's public became aware of the urgency of the problem and, answering to WWF’s call for action, sent thousands of emails to influential Romanian politicians. 

Unfortunately, none of the requests were taken into consideration. If the PNS is approved in this form, WWF will address the European Commission to draw its attention to the fact that  the document meets neither the recommendations of the European Commision, nor Romania’s real needs for forest conservation.

Forest Campaign in Romania

Forest Campaign in Romania

© Mihai Constantineanu/ WWF-Romania