WWF-CEE is appalled by the escalating Russian aggression in Ukraine, which violates both the United Nations Charter and international humanitarian law. We condemn the alarming measures, extreme violence, destruction and the attacks against civilians in Ukraine. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone who is affected by this war, especially the people of Ukraine who are suffering and all those in the impacted regions.
The catastrophic humanitarian crisis is deepening rapidly and an environmental crisis looms larger with every day that the war continues across Ukraine and the region. We stand together with our colleagues, those affected and everyone around the world that is hoping for a peaceful resolution. Peace among people is the foundation of building a future in which people and nature thrive.

We are trying to keep contact with and provide any assistance we can to our Ukrainian colleagues, several of whom remain in Kyiv, while others are in the Western part of the country or abroad.
We are working for a world in which people live in harmony with nature - around the world, and in Central and Eastern Europe. But this is only possible if there is peace between humans.

We express our deepest sympathy, solidarity, and support to our colleagues and their families and to our friends. Our thoughts are with you!

Andreas Beckmann, CEO,  WWF Central and Eastern Europe
The WWF-CEE Team